Learn a quick, simple and durable technique for creating wave

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About this tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to prepare your hair to gain long-lasting waves. You will see a proprietary method for styling waves with a curler. You will learn how to style your hair to form a raised and effective front, so desired by many women. You will discover ways for adding finishing touches so your hair is healthy and shiny.



A simple and effective method for forming Hollywood waves, like you have never seen before!

This technique for creating waves is based on a proprietary method, with which beautiful waves can be formed on any hair length and type.

The least expensive course in the market!

Promotional code: WAVESAPRIL2023 - valid only until the end of April 2023.

( $19 instead of $49)

Unlimited access to the tutorial



If you are not happy with the purchased tutorial, we will reimburse the money within 14 days of the purchase.



Together with the tutorial, you will receive a list of products used that will guarantee durability of the created hairstyle, as well as a course certificate for downloading as PDF.



During the tutorial, a speaker clearly and precisely explains all performed actions, step by step.

About the author

My name is Sylwia, and I am a hair stylist and a make-up artist with over 10 years of experience. I create stylish looks both for Brides and for other people who wish to give themselves over to the magic of make-up and styling.

In my work, I value minimalism and a natural impression. I focus on creating a consistent and harmonious effect that matches the woman’s type of beauty, shape of face, and style, and, in particular, is consistent with the customer’s expectations.

Numerous training courses and extensive experience helped me to create my proprietary methods for styling hair that will save your time, while do not require much practical experience.

The methods are durable, simple and quick.

With the hairstyles I propose every women will feel special!



How long is this tutorial?

The entire tutorial is condensed into 30 minutes. During this video, the most important points of hairstyling are presented, while repeatable elements are speeded up.

How can I access the tutorial?

When you purchase the tutorial, information with unique tutorial details will be sent to the provided e-mail address.

Is this a tutorial intended solely for people experienced in hairdressing?

Can beginners create such hairstyles after this tutorial?

This tutorial is intended for beginners and advanced hairdressers alike. As the technique of curling waves is simple and easy to understand, it is easy for people who worked with styling hair before and want to expand their knowledge, as well as those who are only at the beginning of their adventure with hairstyling.

Do I have to use precisely the same products as shown in the tutorial?

Both the technique and the products used guarantee that the hairstyle will be durable, but you can achieve a very similar effect using equivalent products from other brands.

Can I ask questions concerning the technique and products used?

Yes, of course. You can note your questions down while watching the tutorial, and then e-mail them to me at: hubicka.s@gmail.com, and I will be happy to clear up all your doubts.

How long can I access the tutorial?

Currently, the access to the tutorial is unlimited in time. You can play the video at any moment and as often as you wish.

What will happen if I do not like this tutorial?

If you are not happy with the tutorial, I will reimburse you the money you paid. You can request it within 14 days of your purchase.

Will this tutorial and hair curling method work only on long hair?

No. The method I present in the tutorial is based on long hair, on which the effect is more spectacular. However, you can also use it create waves on slightly shorter hair.

Will I manage to create this style if I have never used a curler before?

Practice makes perfect! Of course, I recommend for the beginners to start working with a cold curler or first try it on a training head, and only later move on to real customers.h.

Do you have any other questions?

Write to me at hubicka.s@gmail.com or on Instagram: @sylwia_beauty_artist


Are you still not sure whether this is for you?


Yes! I was using my technique throughout the wedding season. All Brides were thrilled with the effect and its durability.


This Method for creating waves is like no other in the market. Very fashionable, simple and practical. This is a look sought after by many people, including Brides. It is the most fashionable hairstyle of the coming season.


Remember! If you are not happy with the tutorial, I will reimburse you the money you paid. You can request it within 14 days of your purchase.

Promotional code: WAVESAPRIL2023 - valid only until the end of April 2023.

( $19 instead of $49)


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